[Cod:W@W] Under Roundhouse

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[Cod:W@W] Under Roundhouse

Post  xStArFiGhTAx on Tue Apr 28, 2009 8:38 pm

Cod: World At War.

This glitch was NOT found by me.

[u]For this glitch you will NEED to un-update your Xbox 360, forcing you to play offline to do the glitch (Sad Faec...). This is because it is patched by an update.

What to do:
Go into a private game on RoundHouse, then find the brick wall with the garage door like things behind them.

Find the far left door (if you are looking at it from in front of the huge brick wall...) with a whiteish-grey colored streak down the right side. Go up to the streak and start jumping, jump until you go through the wall, then walk forward until you fall under. I recommend laying down while under the map or crouching otherwise you will go back up/get stuck.


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